Health Care

Flexton, has a proven track record in providing high quality innovative health related services. We come from the unique perspective where we understand the fundamentals about the medical industry, HIPPA rules and regulations and the current software trends and technologies.

Healthcare Support Services Consulting
a wide range of services and technology solutions to payers, providers, and other constituents across the healthcare value chain.
Healthcare Distributor Consulting
Distributors and specialty pharmacies play an important role in healthcare by increasing the efficiency of delivery across a fragmented provider network.A deep understanding of how to analyze and assess these businesses.
Healthcare Payer Consulting
Flexton has extensive experience advising both private and public-sector payer organizations on revenue growth and realization improvement, product and sales strategy, operations effectiveness, healthcare and G&A cost management and M&A support.
Healthcare Provider Consulting
We collaborates with a wide range of healthcare providers, to help them survive and thrive in the rapidly evolving healthcare value chain.