All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you're Woolworth's ... the number one rule has to be: Don't be boring.

Jeff Bezos

The business excellence of any organization relies on timely availability of reliable and quality historical, present and future data. Therefore, it is very important to forecast, acquire and retain accurate data to fulfill management needs.

At the outset of every database assignment, we put every effort to analyze and understand the clients business processes, prepare data requirements, establish mapping between business goals and data requirements and then follow other structural processes to provide our services in database.

"Flexton can locate buried knowledge in databases." Every piece of datum collected in your database represents some aspect of your business, such as your customer account history or your employee payroll records. Flexton will help you discover what is in your database and how you can use that data to your competitive advantage--build more business opportunities or attain higher customer satisfaction.

We aim to offer database management services in a highly skilled and competent manner ensuring little to no database downtime, 24x7 availability and flexibility to meet the demands of a variety of different platforms and industries. Laying an emphasis on the core areas of reliability, availability, high quality and consistent technological soundness we provide you with our services for databases like Informix, MS-Access, My SQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. The engineering process and our passion is what enable us to address your data related issues very cost-efficiently.

The services we offer have the leverage of being based on a deep understanding of the software and the platforms on which the concerned programming functions, as well as on a corresponding expertise of the hosting systems that are used. This reinforced technical know-how makes us better equipped to provide our clients with the best facilities possible with no scope for any kind of fallibility margin. We also provide services in database administration, troubleshooting, monitoring, capacity building, back-up and recovery, security and vendor management.