The question isn’t “How do I teach this? But “How can they learn it”

– Jane Bozarth

At Flexton, our vision is to be a company that not only leads through Innovation but exceeds innovation with custom learning solutions that are tailored to suit your needs. Our team of Learning professionals consists of expert Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Content Developers and Copy Editors who lead the way on the journey to delivering exceptional training solutions for your needs. The solutions that we deliver are backed by in depth study & analysis of latest trends in adult learning and learner demography.

We focus not only on delivering great content but also on delivering brilliant learning experiences. We believe that while great content is Key, it is the learning experience that can guarantee high level of engagement & hence drive performance which is what organizations aim to achieve with training solutions.

At Flexon, our Instructor Led Training programs are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind learner needs, competencies and learning objectives. We believe in constructive methodology as a learning strategy whereby we ensure that the content developed and delivered is interactive by incorporating real world scenarios, group discussions and visually stimulating elements prompting learners to ask questions, probe the topic at hand and have an in-depth understanding of the concept allowing them to perform better at their jobs.

We also have an experienced team of Learning Facilitators/ trainers that can help you deliver your training and also conduct workshops.

We live in a digital era today. An era where technology is impacting every aspect of our life from the way we communicate to the way we learn. As per a report by Statistics MRC, the E learning Industry is growing leaps and bounds with a valuation of $176.12 billion in 2017 to $398.15 billion by 2026. A huge trend in this industry is that of Micro Learning.

Micro learning also known as Nano Learning involves breaking down large chunks of information into smaller bite sized formats. These bite sized formats are highly focused and enable learners to access training material on the go. The smaller size also helps improve the retention levels.

Micro Learning provides flexibility for learners not only in terms of being able to learn at their own pace but also be able to select learning material that is most suitable to their current job needs.

At Flexton, we strongly advocate the advantages of Micro learning when devising an effective learning strategy. However, the way it is delivered has a strong impact on its effectiveness which is why our team of experts work collaboratively with businesses so as to develop micro learning strategies that influence learner behavior effectively and efficiently.

Hands on Labs allows you to provide your learners with the ability to learn through implementing, real world scenarios. We can help you deliver these hands-on labs or workshops virtually over multiple devices, connections, operating systems and even on-site. This flexibility helps your learners; learn at anytime and anyplace.

Through Hands on Labs, learners enjoy the benefits of a self paced learning environment and gain knowledge and information that is required for them to make valuable contributions on the job, all of this without making any infrastructural changes.

Assessments or Quizzes provide a way to identify knowledge gaps and adjust delivery of content to attain learning objectives. Writing assessment calls for a different skill then writing content.

At Flexton, Our assessment solution design includes both pre & post training assessment. We can help you develop accreditations and quizzes for your courses that are interesting and thought provoking. We can also provide you with best practices on how to write assessments for your courses. Our team of experts put in a lot of attention to detail when designing & writing assessment for learning and also when providing feedback so as to ensure positive reinforcement of learner behavior.

At Flexton, we provide you with a range of consultancy services for your learning needs. These will help you with seamless implementation of learning solutions for your organization. We bring over 20 years of experience implementing learning solutions for different bay area product software companies. Our consultancing services extend over a series of steps starting from need analysis, design consultancy, Development & Implementation consultancy and finally measuring, monitoring & incorporating feedback.

With our consultancy services we can help you to seamlessly transition from Instructor led to eLearning while ensuring that the transformation of learning material is cost effective and is done keeping in mind the course objectives and audience. If you wish to execute this on your own, we’ll consult with you to select the right templates to display content and provide suggestions on how to improve your existing courseware.

We are a company that believes in fostering mutual growth. We aim at being the preferred choice for your learning solution requirements while also helping you identify & onboard the right kind of resources to help you solve any problems during the process of development and implementation.

We are proud to have on board a team of resources that are experts in their respective fields. We can provide Instructional Designers, Digital Designers, eLearning Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, Project Managers, Learning Managers, Voice over Artist, Instructors and Training schedulers / Operations Personnel.

In this limitless world of possibilities, get inspired with some real world work samples. Get an idea of what works for you and how you can simplify your learning needs. To view the samples, please click here