Innovation must lead infrastructure for a simple but compelling reason: Innovation produces new types of products and markets, and it is virtually impossible to know how to run those markets efficiently before they are created.

Myron Scholes

A poorly performing IT infrastructure that is not aligned to your organizational goals can severely impact your business, resulting in high operational costs, ineffective decision making and inefficient resource utilization.

To be competitive, your organization needs to have a robust IT infrastructure that adapts to changing business needs. An IT environment that performs inadequately and is not aligned to business needs can result in high operational costs, inflexibility and poor resource utilization. Even if business needs are understood, the challenge is to translate them into operationally efficient solutions.

Our IT Transformation Strategy and Design Services uses a structured methodology to help provide a framework that can bridge the gap between strategic intent and deployed infrastructure. The architecture and design phase of any IT project should provide an efficient method to produce an integrated solution while helping ensure alignment with your business and infrastructure strategy.

Flexton IT Transformation Strategy and Design Services – infrastructure architecture and design employs a structured process to provide solutions that help optimize your IT infrastructure for reduced costs and improved alignment with your business needs.

Infrastructure Architecture Design
We employ a structured design process to help reduce IT infrastructure costs, optimize performance, and meet your business needs. Our services include Data Center design & consolidation, network analysis and optimization, and application infrastructure planning.

Virtualization Planning and Management
Our team has experience with all aspects of virtualization. We can help with your data center virtualization planning and implementation, capacity planning and operation and Virtual desktop infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Migration Planning and Management
Cloud computing involves not just a technology change, but also a shift in strategy and operations. The cloud can impact all aspects of your organization, including computing, networking, storage, security, and applications. Our services can help you select a cloud strategy, migrate your applications, and develop your new operational model.

Security and Control Services
Our firewall and security audit service can help you verify your current security posture, and make recommendations for improvements. Our web and email security solutions can address problems such as confidential data leakage, spam, acceptable use policy adherence, and regulatory requirements.