Job TITLE: Sr. Systems Engineer

Location: Sunnyvale CA

Term: Contract

Skill: Description Responsible for the planning and engineering of an organization's systems infrastructure. Includes the implementation and design of hardware and software. Monitors the performance of systems. Typically requires a bachelor's degree in area of specialty and 4-6 years of experience. Additional Job Details Ability to track and execute numerous parallel activities, work efficiently and independently with minimal supervision in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, embrace change, build and maintain constructive working relationships, effectively communicate in both written and verbal manner to influence both technical and non-technical audiences, succeed in an always changing environment, earn the trust and respect of colleagues both in and outside of the organization. He or she must deliver the following: • Through participation in all phases of the development of a large distributed system; providing hardware, manageability, operability and performance perspectives on all aspects of the system • Define and/or refine hardware requirements and selected designs, balancing raw up-front dollar cost with operability and TCO, from the data center infrastructure up specify and participate in the development and delivery of operability-related features such as system health monitoring, diagnostics, repair, and other self-healing automation • Develop or further existing application and system management tools and processes that reduce manual efforts and increase overall efficiency • Adapt and improve operations management systems and processes to accommodate rapid and increasing growth in systems and traffic • Participate in the design and execution of production acceptance tests and new hardware evaluations • Maintain systems inventory management, including producing, maintaining, and evolving capacity plans for various components • Monitor the health of the systems, automating system health, maintenance tasks, and reporting systems as needed • Perform various system maintenance tasks including configuration of new machines • Manage directly assigned tasks and on-call duties gracefully

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